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Diamond Crystal Brands, Inc.
Product Lines

We take great pride in presenting our portfolio of specialty food products. As leaders in the food service industry, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality, whether the products are innovations or mainstays of our product line.

We've built a reputation for excellence. And we back that reputation with product guarantees and a service program that assures you of complete satisfaction.

Our 110 years of experience in the health-care industry and in commercial food service qualifies us to bring you the competitive pricing, custom products, growth and merchandising programs you need for success in today's market.

Give your customers the unsurpassed quality they deserve. With Diamond Crystal Brands, you'll shake it on, pour it out and serve it up with confidence every time.

Count on Diamond Crystal to give you product variety, exceptional service and the best expertise you need to give your patrons the very best. 

We provide:

  • salt and pepper flat pack packets    
  • salt and pepper 2-flute and 4 flute packets    
  • Pink and Blue sweetener packets    
  • non dairy creamer, crushed red pepper and Parmesan packets    
  • Non dairy creamer, EFG sugar, flowable brown sugar canisters gravy mixes    
  • disposable salt and pepper shakers    
  • sugar packets    
  • Turbinado (flowable brown) sugar packets    
  • dry puddings, mousses, gelatins and non-bake cheesecake mixes - also in sugar-free versions    
  • dry drink mixes: regular and sugar free    
  • non dairy soft serve    
  • non dairy soft serve yogurt    
  • dry gravy mixes    
  • dry casserole mixes    
  • cappuccino mixes    
  • cocoa products

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