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Foster Farms - Corn Dogs
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We could tell you the franks are plumper. The batter crunchier. The meat more generous. Our evalutaions show it's all true. But what it comes down to, what it all means, is this: These dogs sell.

And when you know the ingredients and process Foster Farms uses, that's exactly what you'd expect. Take our famous crunchiness. It comes from high-quality Pillsbury batter - the only kind we ever use. And these franks are plump, with a generous 50/50 meat-to-batter ratio. They're also fried in only 100% vegetable oil.

Our in-line process means the franks are stuffed, cooked in the smokehouse, chilled, put on a stick, battered, flash fried and frozen immediately fro ultimate freshness, shape and batter coverage. Better still, with Corn Dogs prepared daily in Oregon, California and Alabama, we can quickly deliver that freshness to any region of the nation.

All of which makes Foster Farms Corn Dogs, Pop Dogs and Pancake Wraps a tasty - and profitable choice for any operation. Why not add them to yours?

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