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Pecan Pie Bar
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Strawberry and Cream Tartan
Features Pillsbury Vanilla Tartan, Cheesecake Filling Mix, Vanilla Mousse Mix and Strawberries!
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Brownie Macaroonies
Deluxe Brownie Mix with coconut and walnuts.
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Turtle Brownies
Deluxe Brownie Mix with Pecans and a topping of chocolate chips and caramels.
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Aunt Mary's Apple Sauce Muffins
In October, after a good hard frost, Grandma would load the children up with baskets and buckets and send them out into the cold to pick apples. The rest of the day was filled with the sounds of peeling, chopping, and children laughing.
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Black Forest Brownies
If you've seen one Pillsbury brownie, you haven't seen them all.
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