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Westminster Bakers Co., Inc.
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Westminster Crackers established in 1828.

Old-Fashioned Oyster Crackers - These All-Natural, Trans-Fat-Free crackers are fresh, crispy and full of flavor. Low in fat, low in salt, with no cholesterol, sugar or preservatives. Your customers will immediately notice the Westminster difference. Old-Fashioned Oyster Crackers are light, puffy crackers that don't sink or get soggy in soups and chowders. Simply the best oyster crackers on the market today!

Old-Fashioned SquaresLow in fat and sodium, with no cholesterol, sugar or preservatives, Westminster All-Natural, Trans-Fat-Free squares are firm and flaky, with a wonderful flavor, Old-Fashioned Squares are the superior complement to soups, salads, hors d'oeuvres, cheese and chili. Packed two crackers per package, Old-Fashioned Squares with their fresh-baked taste and home-baked look simply say, "We're the best cracker you can offer!"

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